By Laurianne Lingbondo

Yesterday, the 20th of September, the South African Paralympic team returned home to a hero’s welcome after winning a total of 17 medals, 7 of them gold, surpassing the able-bodied Olympic teams tally of just 8.

The Minister of Sports and Recreation, Fikile Mbalula took the role of “Father Christmas” by promising to change the athletes’ lifestyles, by providing them with larger cars.

Two University of Johannesburg students competed at this year’s Paralympics, Andrea Dale in the athletics T37 long jump and Dieter Rosselle in the rowing LTA mixed colour four, unfortunately, none of them won any medals but the achievement of competing in an honour as is. 

There was a usual wave of controversy regarding the Paralympics receiving fewer media coverage. This could be seen by the amount of attention Caster Semenya’s race superseded the entire Paralympics coverage. This leaves an unanswered question: do we truly have an equal society?

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  1. Wow. .i think we do not..i personally did not know about such however browsing through an interesting blog i was blessed to come across such an article. We highly appreciate that there still people who value others achievements as it seems like lot of people do not get the attention that they should as i also belive that what is beautiful it should be shown to the whole world.

    I am very proud of her.

    • Yes most definitely there’s still people out there that actually care . It’s just we tend to assume that they aren’t . Please do continue reading & supporting .

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