UJ FeesMustFall Mandate Set

 By Laurianne Lingbondo

Earlier today at The University of Johannesburg’s library area SRC leaders and other student political leaders mobilised UJ students to form part of the protest for the shutdown of the campus pending the 8% fee increment proposed by Minister of Higher Education

Blade Nzimande earlier last week.

First to address the mass meeting was SRC chairperson, Onwabile Lubhelwana, who encouraged the students gathered to join their “fellow brothers and sisters” from the various South African universities to protest against the fee increment and also lobby the government into delivering the promise of free education.

Other issues that were raised by him was the issue of “Bouncers” being removed from the University pending the rumours they would shortly become insourced.

Lubhelwana proposed that cleaners be the ones insourced instead of the bouncers. Student leaders were also encouraged to turn their political t-shirts upside down as the protest was not about political agenda’s but free education

A second speaker called to address the crowd opening up with the statement that “students should not be told education was a privilege, it was their right” which the crowd cheered loudly.  She then went on to tell students to be wary of dividing themselves into “poor”, “bursary students”, “missing middle” and the “rich” as the protest was to the benefit of all students.

A third speaker came on to reiterate the removal of bouncers whom she said “were raping students” and should be removed so that they could go back into society and protect other criminals.

With all this being said students were told to be highly disciplined as this was a peaceful protest and should remain energised to face the challenge that lied ahead of the campus being shut down.




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