UJ’s Top Secrets Reveals in the Consultative Meeting

There are serious accusations which have been exposed by the student leaders during the consultative meeting that was held at 9 o’clock in the morning which implicates the University of Johannesburg.

  • It is alleged that there was a bouncer at Doornfontein Campus which raped a girl and also another bouncer impregnated an unnamed girl at Auckland Park Campus.
  • The University has been alleged to have withdrawn almost 500 000 from the SRC account without the signature of the President and the Treasure.
  • The University is accused by students of suppressing vocal students by implicating them in cases such as the burning of the Auditorium.
  • Bouncers are alleged to earn more than eight hundred per day.

The majority of those who attended the consultative meeting concluded that they will be striking against the insourcing of bouncers, fee increment, and the suspension of students.

The President of SRC at UJ, Lubhelwna lambasted the National Student Financial Aid System, saying that “it is also part of the problem.” He added that “You cannot develop a state through loans.”

Lubhelwana further stated that they have declined fee increment talks with the University because they are the ones who will be liable at the end.

The consultative meeting which was held in the morning has pushed forward to address the students during the mid-day.

Those who attended were given a chance to voice out their opinions.

“Let us do something that will be effective. We will fight every year for[against] fee increment, it is a waste of time,” said Mangwani Ramashoya, a student at UJ-APK.

“Since the University has shattered the students’ leaders, there is no engagement. The only solution is to shut down the university,” said Zwelakhe Mahlamvu, a BA Humanities 3rd year student.

Lubhelwana said they spoke to the University prior launching a mass meeting, saying that the University is “lying” that they did not talk to them.


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  1. ‘ its heart breaking to see our fellow students like this..i really do not understand why are will also opressed, worse by our own varsity. UJ is a cruel varsity to study at. We are human beings ..we have feelings. This is not how we should be treated and i do not understand why the people who are meant to “protect” us violate us. I just hope the matter is taken to the police officer’s. Mxm the varsity is using its power in a wrong way. We will never find inner peace as long as the word freedom is used to calm us down although theres nothing visible about it.

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