Bouncers’ Pepper Sprays Caused a Tsunami’s panic

A second-day of a peaceful FeesMustFall protest at UJ spontaneously turned into a massive panic attack as bouncers sprayed everyone in the crowd of the protestors which led to students’ injuries. 

After a meeting yesterday with the SRC leader, peaceful protests were agreed upon.

Until 12 o’clock the university was quiet, but soon thereafter the commotion began. Students feared for their lives when the bouncers opened on the crowed with pepper spray, many students jumped off a high platform to escape the bouncers.

6 students faced serious injury from the pepper spray and had to be attended to by paramedics.

The students then proceeded into the building of the University where the protest continued to maintain a peaceful manner, as the UJ students sat on the floor in front of the security guards.


Students were then chased out, creating a stampede.


The screams of individuals ring in the ears of UJ students as they were forcefully pushed and handled by campus security. Stains of milk can be seen on the floors where students were relieved from pepper spray burns.

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