Exposé of UJ Bouncers Who Stabbed And Beat Students at Night

Magnificent Mndebele & Onthatile Kgoadigoadi

Students were beaten and one being stabbed in his ankle by bouncers today around 18;30 p.m. after police had left the premises.

Eyewitnesses and victims exposed how they were identified and attacked by the bouncers.

The students were targeted outside the first years’ parking main entrance gate. Eyewitness accounts reveal that the Fidelity Security (Bouncers) guards broke an Amstel bottle on the ground and stabbed a male student in his ankle.

An eye-witness, Nomsa Mswane, 24, an Education student and one victim, Morikha Koketso, 25, gives us the details of the story.

One victim, Mafia Kane, 25, doing Electrical Engineering, whose trouser was torn apart when bouncers attacked him with batons in his back, tells the story of what transpired and how he was beaten by the bouncers

The student who had been stabbed in his ankle couldn’t be found as he ran away for his safety when the incident unfolded.

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  1. I have no words, all my emotions has been torn apart. we need justice!!
    The-OJ must do something about this.

  2. This is disgusting.No wonder they are striking.Treating students like trash when they are the very people that will contribute to the economy as taxpayers one day is atrocious behaviour by UJ. IM appauled.

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