By Laurianne Lingbondo

Limpopo Police confirmed today that the universities security personnel had fired rubber bullets at protesting students at the University of Limpopo last night. At first it was alleged that two students had been killed and that was the message that was spread around amongst students on social media.

When the University’s spokesperson, Kgalema Mohuba was reached, he only confirmed that 2 students had been injured and were taken to the hospital.

Limpopo Police has also confirmed that 6 students have been arrested but 3 were later released on charges still unknown to the public. This had caused a major outcry on Social Media by students about their safety during protests and also public outrage on the actions of the police and university security personnel, comparing the situation to that of the 1976 June 16 student uprisings on education.

Others highly condemned the Media for not reporting on the shootings only until this morning, one student mentioned openly in a tweet saying “students should not count on the media to cover stories, we are our own media”. Reiterating last year’s motto of the revolution not being televised but tweeted.

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