At UJ “Tomorrow (Friday) is A-Come-At-Your-Own-Risk-Day”- Woman’s Voice Warned.

Corrections:  The Open Journal had constantly referred to Onwabile Lubhelwana as the Chairperson of the Student Representative Council (SRC) at UJ. The Chairperson is Rethabile Ntshinga and Lubhelwana is the Central President of the SRC. 

Following the composure of the UJ Fees protest this week, there was a woman’s voice that went viral on social media today warning students that tomorrow (Friday, the 14th of October 2016) there will be major disruptions on campus which are presumed to be at the University of Johannesburg Auckland Park Campus.

“Tomorrow is a come at your own risk day, they (SRC) literally told us face-to-face that we dare come to campus. They told us that they are [going to] unleash Black Coffee vibe upon us,” says the anonymous woman’s voice. It continues stating that, “you will be forcefully [and] violently removed from classes. Secondly, any car coming in or going out is [going to] be stoned,” said the woman’s voice.

However, the audio does not specifically state which University she is referring to, but due to paranoia from UJ students, The Open Journal verified the claims made by that woman.

The Chairperson of the SRC at UJ-APK, Rethabile Ntshinga ridiculed the message, saying it is “malicious”.

“We have demonstrated where we could, and we have made the situation voluntarily. There will be no disrupted classes in the process, and there will be no intimidation of students or personnel… and we have no intention of shutting down the campus,” said Ntshinga.

The audio message from the anonymous woman further stated that buses will be denied entry from the school. However, Ntshinga said, “to the best of my knowledge buses will be operating tomorrow and it will be business as usual in the institution.”

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