“Yes, they are destroying Syria”

This is a Quote from the book Imtiaz Sooliman and the Gift of the Givers by Shafiq Morton.  The quote has an undeniable truth wrapped around it. Syria has faced 5 years of ongoing turmoil that has left the country in ruins.

A war like any other consists of oppositions, conflicting parties that cannot see eye to eye. In Syria this is the case, this war has taken the lives of 400 000 people according to the United Nations. This war is impacting Syrian Civilians that are incapable of fighting back. A lack of food, water, shelter and defense are part of the day-to-day struggles faced by Syrians impacted by the war.

The civil war, which is a war waged between the government and the coup or group that desires the government to be removed, began in March 2011. The war started with the torture of teenagers who were detained for Graffiti that opposed the Syrian government, which is run by Bashar al-Assad. In fear of the Arab Spring uprising starting in Syria the government tortured the boys harshly to provide information of any coups of Jihadists.

After the torture of these boys, the suburb of Deraa sparked an uprising throughout Syria.

A ruined building in Syria: Footage courtesy of Amnesty International

The war seems to be sector based. The four most important sectors are the Sunni’s (which are Muslims who believe a leader should be appointed by-election), the Shi’ites (who believe a leader should be a descendant of Muhammad), the Alawites who are a branch of Islam, weighing more likely to the Shia side of Beliefs and the Jihadists which are Islamic militant movements.

Syrian children sitting across a refugee camp. Photo credit: DFID- UK Department for international developments.

When the war began many Jihadists joined Syrian civilians in creating an armed force that could overthrow the government. The force like many movements had many agendas, which resulted in innocent civilians being killed by both oppositions.

Five years in

Five years later and the war continues, Countries such as Russia and the USA attempt to assist by providing troops and weapons. A series of bombings and cease fires have occurred as Syrian civilians find themselves in refugee camps and risking their lives to find a place of solace in neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Greece and Lebanon.


“12.2 million people [are] in need of aid and protection” says NGO safety


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