Could Trump’s Presidency Be Harmful for South Africa?

As this news was dispersed all over social media, many were left wide-eyed and gasping for air as Donald Trump reached the 270-vote mark before his rival, Hillary Clinton. This truth shook many individuals as the mind began to question, Donald Trump? Donald Trump, the billionaire would be the new president of the United States of America.

The world watched in anticipation as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battled it out for American voters. Towards the end of the buildup, there was a surety that Hillary Clinton would be the first female president of the USA. As the tables have turned and caused a great shock throughout the world. What does this mean for South Africa?

  1. Firstly Donald Trump is not a fan of South Africa as he has stated in tweets.
  2. The United States is one of SA’s largest trading partners and this could be affected since Mr. Trump would like to implement trade restrictions.
  3. The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) could be at risk. The AGOA gives special treatment to 39 African countries (including SA) by allowing no taxation on certain trades.
  4. “A Trump victory has injected considerable uncertainty and volatility into the market.” As seen in an article by Fin24 in an interview with Tumisho Grater by Fin24. (Like with Brexit and the Pravin Gordhan debacle).
  5. Ideas of segregation, sexism and homophobia have been trends in Donald Trump’s rallies.

The USA is a powerful country that has nuclear weapons in their garage. These weapons are now accessible to a man who has openly shared his distaste toward many. We need to be aware of what may come from Donald Trump’s victory and keep in mind his beliefs.


Back in August 2015, Trump stated that South Africa is “a total and very dangerous mess”

US being one of South Africa’s largest trading partners, especially because of the AGOA-agreement which enables South Africa to export products to the USA without or less taxation, which will probably not escape his attention.

It has been estimated that AGOA had created 62 000 jobs in South Africa.

How would Trump’s presidency have an impact on your household’s finance as a South African citizen?

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  1. I personally think that is far from happening.
    “The United States is one of SA’s largest trading partners and this could be affected since Mr. Trump would like to implement trade restrictions.”
    Bear in mind that Trump might be the president but he doesn’t have the almighty power to come to such a conclusion. America uses a system of separation of power. And some of the decision must be taken by the vote of the Senate or the Representative.

    Anyway Thanks to the Oj

  2. Someone has to lead the country in the way that shows us the reality of the verse in the Bible that’s say =you want a leader and that leaders should take decisions please don’t forget that some of the decisions will affect your life and no turning back now I give you the leader you’ve asked for, people says thank as long we will see him., if you can remember all the leaders in the Bible you will agree that all lead the way they wanted either you are affected some are not that not a deal as I rule the way it’s suitable
    for my purposes that’s leader = This is not the first time SA in the situation like this because of the Democratic presidential candidate they have so I’m not afraid until I get the affection of the leader and I will always believe in change when things are going wrong that all.It takes us everything to be a democratic society not years so this is a periodic updates….which gave us a wake-up call of too much spoon feeded is a virus.

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