UJ Securities Lost in The Battle of Robbery After Two Men Successfully Escaped

Onthatile Kgoadigoadi & Magnificent Mndebele

The University of Johannesburg is renowned for being heavily backed up with security forces in all its entrances, but last night it only took two armed men to rob students their cellphones, laptops, and iPads in the labs at Auckland Park Kingsway Campus.

And after that, a shooting altercation between the security forces and the robbers unfolded on 08 March 2017 late in the evening, 10:30 p.m.

“It is also surprising to us because we have very strong policies and procedures for access control. It is very concerning how did those people get onto campus, also bear in mind that around 10:30 p.m. we have securities who do a roaming patrol at that time and the gates are locked,” said Ms Kaamini Reddy, Senior Manager: Strategic Communication at UJ.

UJ said in a press statement that 13 students were held by two armed men in the university lab and were robbed their valuables. When The Open Journal asked whether this had been possible because of an accomplice of insiders, Reddy said: “we are not ruling out that it is the students or staff members within the premises, but the investigation will reveal that.”

The valuables that were held by one robber were retrieved but the second suspect managed to escape with the other valuables, and now attempts are being made by the university to retrieve the other items.

“We are busy trying to get [the other] devices,” Reddy said. “We took statements from the students, but they had gone for counselling because it was very scary for them.”

Other students are asking themselves about their safety when they are within the institution after this incident.

“I don’t feel safe if such is happening inside the campus with so much security. They can’t even apprehend these people. UJ securities are focusing on intimidating students… and they leave the thugs,” one student said who requested to speak on condition of anonymity.





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