Which Questions Should We Ask NSFAS On Your Behalf In NSFAS’ Session Today?

Today ( 14 March 2017) NSFAS is going head to head with the students in different campuses at UJ, and we can almost predict that it is likely to be dramatic. However, the information session with regards to the criteria for approval, next step after registration, challenges faced by students on private accommodations that are accredited by UJ and among others, the Fee Grant Subsidy, is very vital for all students.

For in case you wouldn’t be available to the session, but you are encouraged to participate in it. Should you fail to avail yourself, then why not use us?

Give us questions that you would like to be answered based on the key points highlighted.

The Open Journal is a caring news blog for the students and run by the students through the voice of the students, therefore today we will be bringing what will be unfolding at various campuses.

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  1. 1. Why is it centralized?
    2. Why there’s no meal allowance?
    3. Why the outstanding debts from last year haven’t been paid yet?
    4. When are they planning to pay those debts?
    5. Don’t they have a strategy to limit the que…ai phela iLong yhoo.
    6. The APK Nsfas representatives should try to be friendly yhoo😒 People be acting like Billion years😏.

    Thanks to the OJ Team

  2. When are you going to hold another face to face session with students,because I missed the one that was held on Tuesday due to
    fact that I received the email later on during the day?

  3. I xoliswa nhema had apply for nsgas and i ddnt get any sms frm nsfas what should i do coz ol my classmate has receive none

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