One of UJ’s Most Impressive Underground Post-Production Editors

A self-taught post-production editor, and a third-year student in the school of filming- is a founder of Farmton Films. He regards himself as one of the ‘best film producers at the University of Johannesburg’.

“I am one of the best editors in the third years and I am confident. I am saying this because people can recognise if I did not edit something. Numbers don’t lie, most of the people I met compliments my work extremely,” says Tshabalala.

Mpho Linda Tshabalala, comes from the South of Johannesburg in Orange Farm, and is an introverted young filmmaker- he hardly reveals his skills, but recently his work has made a lot of noise and defeated his silence. Now people from different parts of Gauteng have demanded his service because of his excellence and integrity.

Tshabalala has produced more than ten music videos and artists come in high volumes approaching him to produce their music videos.

Tshabalala has also interned at Ladies & Gentlemen Films and participated in some ground-breaking international films by being a quality controller, for monitoring the quality of the film.  Tshabalala was mentored by Marc Baleiza, the director manager of Ladies & Gentlemen.

His self-taught skills landed him to contribute in films like 93 Days, a film that is based on a true story about men and women who jeopardised their lives to save people during the outbreak of the Ebola Virus; and many more that are currently in cinemas like Keeping Up with The Kandasamys’ and Beyond the River– which will be in cinemas soon.

Tshabalala aspires to be as great as Tyler Perry, who happen to be his role model in the production industry. He believes there are a lot of akin resemblances between him and Perry.

“If you could look at his [Perry] background and the way he became a filmmaker, my story and his are linking. He did his first play after high school and he had expected 100 people, but disappointingly, only 30 people came and he made about $45,” says Tshabalala.

“But he continued to make other shows until he made TV shows, [which is the] same as my story. I first got a stage play in high school and later, my love for writing developed until I became a director and producer. Tyler Perry’s drama stories are the kind of stories that I am passionate about,” he adds.

Tshabalala also creates logos, and his work has attracted various entities urging him to create logos for them.

The above logos are copies of what he articulates to have created and to fully verify the authenticity of such remarkable creations is no child’s play.

The Open Journal has put him to the test to create a logo which was primarily discussed in his absence, and he was only presented with a document detailing the overview of the logo. The outcome of his creation is fey, majestic, and profoundly splendiferously.Logo OJ

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