Reflection Of UJ Students and Staff About Sdumo Being Sent Off to UJ-SWC

The University of Johannesburg Soweto campus hosted the funeral service for Joe Mafela on Wednesday the 29th March 2017. The Open Journal spoke to students and employees at the University about what they thought regarding the send-off being held so close to home.

Maletaba Senama, Janitorial Staff Member, University of Johannesburg, SWC.

“It was nice that he was brought to UJ before his burial but our hearts were saddened because we love him very much considering the plays he made such as Sgud’Snayi. We remember the old times, it was interesting to see how a legend is buried.”





Sylvia Mohale, Diploma In accountancy, University of Johannesburg, SWC


“For those who didn’t like or know Joe Mafela personally or on his career level, you got to know him through his memorial service and we got to find out things what we didn’t know about him. It was actually a memorable initiative for the Soweto campus and its students specifically”




Vusi, Diploma in Accountancy, University Of Johannesburg, SWC.


“Mr Joe Mafela was a very important member of society and he was undoubtedly a legend. He will be remembered for all his work always and it was a privilege and an honour to have his sendoff be at or campus, it feels like we have somewhat contributed to honouring him and we also got a chance to bid him farewell”

Death is never easy and one can never comprehend it, when legends such as Joe Mafela pass, they leave the responsibility of ensuring quality entertainment for the society to the next generation.  They simply pave the way, show us how it is done and it is up to the next generation to take it upon themselves and follow in their footstep, not only to continue the legacy but to start another one for the next generation and that is how life goes.

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