How Interestingly Enough A UJ Undergraduate Managed To Own Two Companies

Pritchard Sibanda is a young man who believes in his ability to create a lasting legacy. His drive and ambition are what propels him to build a people-friendly entrepreneurship brand that will help you with your business.

He is a motivated undergraduate student at the University of Johannesburg whose end goal is “to have more than 7 businesses” says Sibanda.

Currently, Sibanda has two companies, namely RGW ( Reviving Greatness Within) which focuses on business coaching and mentorship, secondly, he has an apparel company called Afripreneur, that focuses on creating awareness around the idea of African Entrepreneurship being “the key to unlocking African Wealth” says Sibanda.

To find out more about Pritchard Sibanda and how you can ask for help watch the clip of his interview with Street Expression.

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