The Pizza character, Tshepang on the left and his cameraman Pheletso on the right, they had posed for a nice shot at UJ APK campus. Photo by Magnificent Mndebele

Meet the UJ Student from the Viral Pizza Prank Video

Kholofelo Matlou & Sanele Nkosi

Students at UJ’s APK campus were not expecting to be humoured during their Friday morning lecture when a stunt involving a pizza box and some notebooks made the whole class break out with laughter.

Tshepang Matsietsa, a second-year Mechanical Engineering student was the subject of a video taken on Friday last week by his friend Pheletso, who shared the video in a WhatsApp group over the weekend. The video was then posted on Facebook and soon went viral.

The idea came two weeks ago while the two friends were eating pizza. They then decided to keep the box to use in their prank.

In the video, Tshepang is seen entering the lecture hall whilst carrying a large double Romans pizza box along with his backpack. When making his way to his seat he instantly captures the attention of his classmates.

Many expected to see two pizzas inside the box. His classmates became shocked and amused when Tshepang opened the box and took out his notebooks instead of a pizza.

“I had the video but was afraid to post it on social media”, Tshepang said. He mentioned that he was not sure if he would get the same reaction from a wider audience.

The duo describes themselves as attention seekers, and this is one of many videos that display their wacky sense of humour.

He says the popularity of the video has inspired him to start a YouTube channel where he will post more prank videos, including one where he imitates an Indian Professor.

At the time this article was published the pizza video had been shared over 500 times and viewed more than 25 000 times on Facebook.

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