Funiwe Ngwenya speaks to Nhlanhla Maseko about his business. Photo courtesy of YouTube

WATCH: Nhlakes The Stylist Is Tailored And Talented          

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe

These words encompass Nhlanhla Maseko, as his chic sense of style exudes creativity and class.

A teacher by profession, Nhlanhla shares his ventures into the fashion and beauty industry, by noticing a gap in the industry and taking that leap of faith that so many of us are hesitant to take.

Birthed out of an idea to dress formally on a Friday to attend classes, NHLAKESDASTYLIST started to explore the world of fashion. His dress sense and unique style are evident in his tailored suits and creative colour coordination. The brand began expanding as he was invited to style people for their weddings and dress a few prominent people such as Brian Lehang.

If you want a few style tips or just some encouragement to follow your passion watch this clip of Nhlanhla Maseko in his interview with Funiwe Ngwenya of #StreetExpression.

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