UJ awards Its Best Sportsmen And Women For Their National And International Sportsmanship

UJ rewarded its best performing sportsmen and -women for their stellar performances on the national and international scales on 12th Oct. 2017 during the UJ Sport Gala Awards function at the Johannesburg Country Club.

“I would like to commend all the winners for promoting sport at our University,” said the VC of the University, Prof. Ihron Rensburg, in a letter to the students and staff.

The list of winners includes:

  • Ruswahl Samaai (Sportsman of the Year award – Gold)
  • Alexa Pienaar (Sportswoman of the Year award – Gold)
  • Andrea Dalle Ave (Sportsman runner-up – silver)
  • Thato Letsogo (Sportswoman runner-up – silver)
  • Brynn Cleak and Thomas Sheldon (bronze medals for Sportsman of the Year)
  • Patience Ntshingila (bronze medals for Sportswoman of the Year)
  • Alexa Pienaar (Squash), Kyle Maree (Squash), Wian Conradie (Rugby), and Anel Oosthuizen (Athletics): The 2017 Student-Athlete of the Year awards
  • Tyson Dlungwana (Gold), Willem Massyn (Silver) and Reinhart Nothnagel (Bronze): The Age Group Sportsman of the Year awards
  • Kristen Paton (Gold), Phia Gerber (Silver), and Jennifer Preece (Bronze): The Age Group Sportswoman of the Year awards
  • Kayle Blignaut (Gold), Morne Brendon (Silver), and Alyssa Conley (Bronze): The Clubsportsperson of the Year awards
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