Here’s how DRC Managed to Take Home the Prize At Last Week’s Festival

By Nelisiwe Ginya

Searching and identifying its weaknesses in the previous year is what led the Congolese Society to victory at Friday’s International Festival, the society’s president told The Open Journal.

“This year, we tried to do something different. I worked with a great team and we made sure that everything was on time,” said Oken Samuel, the President of the Congolese Society.

The Congolese Society, which represents UJ students who are originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), took home the prize for the best on-stage performance last week. The performance was a display of Congolese culture and featured some modelling.

The group enlisted the help of Noella Kitima, a student who has a background in modelling. Kitima was in charge of finding models to participate in the show.  Part of her job was also to educate participants about the significance of the event.

“I approached them because most of the students didn’t know what the festival [was about] and some of them were shy. I had to approach them since I needed them,” said Kitima who is also a third-year Accounting student.

It was challenging to find the best costumes and there was a lot of pressure to offer the audience the best possible representation of the DRC, Kitima said.

Their win has encouraged the Society to perform even better at next year’s festival.

Samuel had some advice for others who will be participating in next year’s event. “They should [be themselves, be] unique and do their thing. They shouldn’t copy from other countries,” Samuel said.

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