Mill Junction FC at Bunting. .Photo by Gift Phofu

Unqualified Players Cost Mill Junction’s Good Performance

Once the bark of a tree weakens, its delicacy becomes susceptible.  Over the past two years, Mill Junction team has been failing and one would swear they are bewitched.

It has been a tough journey for Mill Junction in the promotional league. They did not have the fortune to make it to the top three of the table standings.

Last year they were number 9 on the log and this year they made it to number 6. But this signifies no improvement to the coach.

“We did not have one of the best experience because we finished on number six in the log . . . I would not say there was an improvement,” said Mill Junction’s coach, Sfiso Nkosi.

The performance of the team, as well as their confidence, is killed by the lack of support. Mill Junction’s stamina is very weak.

“The downfall of the team is due to having key players not being available [and so] you won’t get the [desired] results,” said Nkosi.

This resulted to a desperation, which the coach said has made Mill Junction to develop a tendency of “putting into the field someone who does not really qualify to be in the line-up” because of the limited number of players.

“We did not have [a] large squad; so, if one player is not available for team selection, [then] it becomes difficult to find a replacement for the player who is unavailable or on suspension,” Nkosi said.

Thus, opponent teams capitalise on their weaknesses. They unsympathetically prick and hammer on the most painful, oozing part of the wound.

The coaching journey for Nkosi has been an incredible one, even though his team has been struggling to perform to the best of its ability to get to the major league.

“It has been an exciting one but what I liked the most is that every game you approach, every game you play there’s that specific outcome. You learn where you can improve . . . and how your opponent utilises your weaknesses,” he said.

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