A Marvel Drawing of Breast Cancer

Gaze at it tentatively because it is a drawing that may be perplexing, but trust me when I say that it is also marvelling to look at. You will be filled with wonder and astonishment when you do so. I am not a woman; nonetheless, I can read what she – Reatile Leolo from the Unsteady Drawings – attempted to display.  

Leolo’s drawing of a person’s figures stretching the nipple of a breast. Photo by Gaby Ndongo.

Note from artist

You realise that you’re no longer flat but rather you have developed. Every time you ran your hand on your chest, you tried to check your profile on the mirror even though you’ve not fully developed. This ‘thing’ that is protruding from your rib cages becomes a part of you.

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One might get disappointed while others hope for more but none of us wants to run our hands down our front side and only to find a lump in our breast. We all want our breasts to be for us – not to have to fight as if the enemy has found its habited.

To find out more about the other drawings that this artist has to offer, you should wait for her collection that will be displayed by The Open Journal – soon.

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