UJ's Journalism Honours class of 2017 posing for the camera after the magazine launch. Photo by Gaby Ndongo.

UJ’s Journalism Honours Class Of 2017 Launches Black Orientated Magazine

The University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Journalism Honours class of 2017 launched a magazine on Monday called Howzit as a means to represent young black people of the South African society at the University’s Auckland Park Kingsway (APK) campus.

The project was a combination of ideas from students, who shared different opinions on issues affecting South Africa, with the overall aim of representing young black South Africans.

“The reason why we decided to focus on black people is because we thought they were under-represented,” said the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Chisom Jennifer Okoye.

As such, this concept of race representation sparked some sizzling comments from the audience at the launch who sensed some bias towards race since the magazine featured mostly black people, whilst ignoring other races like white and Indian.

Nonetheless, keketso Majoe, the Feature Editor of the magazine, clarified that the project (the magazine) was a representation of the people who were part of it: all of them being young, black South Africans.

The magazine was therefore treated as a collective assignment for the journalism honours group of 2017 to represent their chosen reality not as a professional project for socio-political scrutiny.

Its cover featured Sindile Dudumashe, who is an influential brand ambassador with large social media following, according to Okoye.

The drafting and presenting of the magazine were part of a project that the journalism department’s yearly assigns to its honours students as a way of grooming them for the actual journalistic experience when they head out into the field.

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