Eric Maphagela standing with Lison Solomuzi in a UJFM studio before conducting an interview. Photo by Gugu Xakaza.

A Young UJ Entrepreneur Creates More Job Opportunities

Thinking out of the box can create many employment opportunities in the world, and it may open closed doors for a number of people.

Eric Maphagela is one of the young fellows who thinks outside of the box and he is willing to create great opportunities for entrepreneurs in South Africa and those living abroad.

“We decided to create a platform that will create jobs and be a platform for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses as well. Through Gowwl, entrepreneurs are able to log in and post the products that they are selling,” said Eric.

Eric is an ever-evolving conscious person; he is a DJ, a poet and an electronic entrepreneur who has founded two enterprises so far: one of them being Jiffy and the other Gowwl.

These are not all of his occupations: he is also a third-year student studying Strategic Communication in Marketing at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).

Eric was born in Alexandra, Johannesburg, but grew up in Kyalami, Midrand in Johannesburg for a huge portion of his childhood. He spent his primary schooling years at Halfway House Primary and then schooled at Midrand High School where he received various awards for stellar performances in both academic and sporting activities.

“My childhood was average, although I was not. I used to love swimming and reading; it is even funny because I used to tell everyone in school that one day I would become the President of the country,” said Eric with a huge smile brushing his face.

His love for business grew when he was still in high school. “I realised that I had to take the business career path when I was still young. I remember in high school that I co-founded and ran an organisation called Deep Jockey Ent. with some gentlemen called Witness Ndlovu and John Junior.

“We used to DJ and Co-host events in and around Midrand; we also had an event called Clash of the Cities Festival, which was our biggest event to date. It was throughout this experience that I realised I would need more information on marketing and communication.

“It was also through my failed past ventures where I found out that marketing is the right path for me,” said Eric.

In August 2016, Eric established a successful online mall, known as Gowwl, that grows each day. “This idea started very small, but we really want it to grow as we are still hoping it will be huge – more than it is today.

“It actually started as a food shop, but now we are availing the service of opening an online store to anybody who is selling any form of product,” said Eric.

My business partners and I realised that a lot of young people do have the potential of starting a business, but the problem is marketing themselves,” he said.

His utmost desire is to bring the informal sector online and expand his company by creating Gowwl Media and Marketing. “Above that, I would like to help people get closer to realising their dreams in whatever way I can,” said Eric.

To reach Eric, you can use either of these channels . . . Facebook: Eric Maphagela; Twitter: @E_ricDigital; Instagram: @AmaEazying

The article was first published by the Republic Mail

Adjustment of the article was done by Gaby Ndongo

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