The cover of UJ's Journalism Honours class of 2017 magazine, Howzit, alongside its t-shirt. Photo by Lerato Selepe.

UJ’s Journalism Honours Class Of 2017 Complains About Inadequate Resources

A complaint was raised on Monday by the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Journalism Honours class of 2017 about the lack of resources made available to the journalism honours students at the University.

This took place during the launch of the class’s magazine, Howzit, at the University’s Auckland Park Kingsway campus (APK) from the early hours of the evening.

“Well of course, it is true that we have not quite invested in things like software to make sure that these students produce top quality work,” said the Head of the Journalism Department at UJ, Professor Dumisani Moyo.

The software used by the students was free of charge, which simply required for it to be downloaded. “That is not something that we should be doing as a journalism training institute but that also speaks about innovation as well.

“Because it is not always the professional software that will take you to places. Sometimes, it is the things that come for free, which can transform someone’s skills and take them to higher places,” Prof. Moyo added.

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The other reason behind such a compliant was the lack of courses that are practical and necessary for the magazine project. “I think that the Department could have done more in implementing a few courses and making the project more practical,” said one of the sub-editors of the class’s magazine, Sanele Gumada.

“More could have been done to better equip us; we were still learning and as one is learning, you need more guidance and assistance,” Gumada added.

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