Flatliners (2017): An Old Movie With A New Twist

The new horror flick Flatliners, (2017) directed by Niels Arden Oplev, is a remake of a 1990 film whose director was Joel Schumacher.

The film’s main character Courtney, played by Ellen Paige, is a dedicated medical student, who is doing research into the afterlife during her spare time because she feels responsible for her sister’s death that occurred nine years prior to the events of the film.

Courtney and her friends begin risking their careers and eventually their lives doing clandestine experiments into brain function after death.

The premise of the film is that when you want to see whether the line between life and death can be crossed and re-crossed, you must be prepared for the fact that something from the other side will return with you.

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Though the film does have its issues, particularly with some of the characters’ motivations, it is certainly scary, and it is interesting to see a new, student/doctor, twist in the story of a group of naïve, wild youths going swiftly to their own demise.

At its core, the film is also about guilt, and there’s nothing like a good moral lesson to help one recover from being scared out of their seats. I almost forgot that it is also a good film for a date.

The film is available widely at cinemas situated in Bedford Square Mall, Cresta Mall, East Gate Mall, Mall of Africa and Rosebank Mall.

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