Mega Bus buses parked at UJ APK's parking area. Photo by Gaby Ndongo.

How I Felt When UJ Transportation Service Assisted Me To Get Home In Less Than 30 Minutes

You may not trust them or even not like the way that they perform their duties at times, especially during the early hours of Friday mornings when every student having a morning class boarding a Mega Bus is bustling to make it to the bus stop on time.

This evening, 12th November 2017, I assure you that their service was not like during any other night that I have ever experienced as a student at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). I was treated like a laureate who was going to receive laurels in about 40 minutes.

I was treated like a laureate who was going to receive laurels in about 40 minutes.

I boarded the last Mega Bus, which habitually departs at 10 pm or 10:10 pm, that made its way rapidly from the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus (APK) to the Doornfontein Campus (DFC) at about 20 minutes. It did so by conducting its regular stops on the trajectories it travels: Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus (APB), Braamfontein and the other stops in Doornfontein.

I was marvelled by the duration of our travel but appalled of how I would get home at 10:20 pm. So, I finally decided to inquire about the designated transportation service provided during the exam period by the Security Division of the University. At first, I had to exhort myself to do such, fearing that I would be rejected or looked down upon. But the treatment was the complete opposite.

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There were about three students sitting in front of the Division’s office: two were females and the other one was a male. All of them were at ease and so I decided to ask the male fellow because he was not conversing with any one. He responded in an cautious manner telling me to enter the office and find out more about the transportation.

I made my way into the office and what I saw was a simple sheet of paper with names written on it. There was a man on the opposite side of the reception window, who was in a conversation with a dame.

I asked him a few questions, not sure of what kind of responses I will be attributed. He answered my questions with no caprice or the like and then told me to sign the list and wait for the car that is to come very soon.

After a couple of seconds, not minutes! a car painted with the UJ logo and colours made its way to the parking area situated contiguous to the office. The gentleman, who was the driver, did not even had to call us to come into the car because we knew that he was our guy. He then asked each one of us of where we were going.

With another fellow added to the list of passengers, there were now four of us heading to the CBD and I was going to Yeoville. Therefore, I was the first person to be transported to his domicile. The transportation only took about 7 minutes – imagine! I was perplexed at first when I reached home and then, later on, I felt like a boss of some sort.

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