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UJ Students, Staff With Vodacom To Access Certain University’s Sites For Free

The Information and Communication Systems (ICS) Division of UJ confirmed on Monday that registered students and staff of the University using the Vodacom network’s service will no longer be charged for data consumption when accessing certain links of the University’s sites.

These links include that of UJ uLink, UJ Link and UJ Content, which all require for either a student or staff accessing the sites to login using his/her username and password. This is only possible when the mobile data consumption is switched on – but no charge will be applied.

“It is targeted at our students to connect to three specific UJ sites to assist them with studying material,” said the Manager of Customer Relations at UJ’s ICS Division, Itumeleng Seleke.

“You don’t need a special Vodacom sim card . . . You need to have a sim card subscribed to Vodacom which has a positive balance that is one cent or more,” added Seleke.

The zero-rate accessible ULRs:

With regards to the duration of the partnership, Seleke said that neither parties specified when it will be ending.  “So, the agreement that we have right now is that it is continuous until someone says otherwise . . . it’s an ongoing partnership,” he explains.


There has been a number of questions from students wanting to find out about the manner through which one can activate such a service, which is not possible as it is an automatic process for those using the Vodacom network.

Nonetheless, the Division is welcoming any kind of feedback. “We’ll definitely approve bad feedback and the good ones we’ll appreciate it . . . I always see bad feedback as an opportunity for us to improve,” said Seleke.

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The feedback can be sent through the e-mail supplied by the ICS Division in its communication sent out recently.

“It is encouraging to see the extraordinary goodwill that business and industry have shown to the University and its students and I look forward to further partnerships with other mobile network service providers for similar benefits for our students,” said UJ’s VC in an October letter to students and staff.

The zero-rated data charges are a result of the partnership between UJ’s ICS Division with Vodacom.

The initiative – which was driven by two senior managers: Michael Wesley (Acting Executive Director) and Francois Wolmarans (Senior Manager for Architecture and Planning) – was signed in early October of 2017.

The partnership was an outcome of the ongoing conversation between UJ and Vodacom.

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