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UJ Students: A Few Facts To Know About Your University

Whether you find it a pleasant place to spend your time or not, dislike it or simply love it, it is somewhat only fair to familiarise yourself with the facts that make up this institution (University of Johannesburg, commonly known by its abbreviation as UJ), if you are or were one of its students.

So, it will not hurt if you know one or two facts about your former or current university. Below are a number of those facts.

2018 ranking details to note

QS World University Ranking: 601-650

  • Faculty Student: 27.9
  • International Faculty: 61.3
  • International Students: 26.7

QS World University Ranking by Subject Development Studies: 51-100

  • Academic Reputation: 56.6
  • Citations per Paper: 86.6
  • Employer Reputation: 68
  • H-index Citations: 80

Graduate Employability Ranking: 301-500

  • Overall Score: 13.8-27.8
  • Alumni Outcomes: 40.2

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  • Size: more than 30,000
  • Overall annual graduate output: excess of 12,700 students
  • Number of students: 19,812 in total; postgraduate 9%; undergraduate 91%
  • Number of international students: 2,282 international students; postgraduate 30%; undergraduate 70%
  • Number of academic faculty staff: in total 1,599; International 360

Other details

  • Age: 25
  • Status: public

Research and faculties

  • Research: high
  • Focus: comprehensive
  • Researchers: 176 NRF rated researchers, six of them are A-rated
  • Research chairs: 12 NRF SARChI South African Research Chairs
  • Faculties: eight faculties
  • Module/course success rate: 83.5%

All of the figures, statistics, etc. were provided by QS Intelligence Unit.

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