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Nkosana Justice Langa is a 21-year-old educated South African youth, who is pursuing a BA in Journalism at the University of Johannesburg. A writer at heart and a journalist in profession, he believes the pen is much mightier than the sword. This belief stems from his interest in the significance of communication, and how it impacts our everyday lives. In following his interest, Nkosana invested his time into the practice of journalism as one of the major forms of communication that is central to the world. He assumes the position of Junior Editor for Features, Columns, and Investigative Reports at The Open Journal. Other than his writing expertise, Nkosana often exercises an array of skills he possesses in computing, music production, and graphic design. His hope is to own his own media firm which will one day reform the rigid structures of the South African media landscape, and make it more aligned to the people.

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