Copies of GRAD's 2017 edition. Photo by Gaby Ndongo.

SAn Universities Attribute Appreciation For GRAD 2017 and Elation for 2018’s Edition

GRAD’s 2017 edition consisted of 49 pages of rich content, written in a conversational and interesting fashion. The first-year booklet was distributed among several universities in South Africa.

On informing the universities in 2017 that there was funding from Capitec, which is the booklet’s sponsor, to distribute GRAD in 2018, the following responses were received by GRAD’s team:

North West University (NWU) Vaal Campus’s First Year Experience Coordinator said: “Thank you for the lovely initiative. I’m the FYE [First Year Experience] coordinator and would love to have this resource to give to my students.”

Sol Plaatje University, the new university in Kimberley, made a comment of their own by saying that: “This is wonderful news. Yes, we are keen as this booklet is a great resource to our students. I eagerly await the link so that we can place our order.”

Stellenbosch University said, “Thank you for including SU [Stellenbosch University] in this initiative! It would be great if we can have these delivered by the 15th January 2018? This will allow us to distribute to the first years timeously.”

“We would be happy to include a copy of the guide in our Orientation Packs in 2018,” according to Rhodes University. “Thank you for continuing with this really important initiative.”

The Walter Sisulu University (Mthatha, Butterworth and Buffalo City) even went as far as to compliment GRAD’s team for an early delivery of the copies ordered for 2017.

“Indeed, the GRAD publication was useful to our students. We managed to distribute the copies during orientation due to early delivery from your side. Our academic advisors used the publication in conjunction with our Life skills courses and workshops for first year students. I look forward to future contact and evaluations from your side.”

The University of Mpumalanga made its order after extending gratitude for what the University conceptualised as “a lovely informative and educational magazine with relevant topics”:

“It was a pleasure distributing Grad to our first-year students.  I look forward to receiving the next edition of 100 to hand to our 2018 first year cohort. Well done on a lovely informative and educational magazine with relevant topics!”

“Thank you so much for the confirmation regarding 2018’s booklet. Students and staff have found this resource so incredibly useful and we await feedback to facilitate the next step. With immense gratitude,” wrote the University of the Western Cape’s Director of the Centre for Student Support Services.

University of Pretoria: “It was sourced as an invaluable research tool for our current students. They enjoyed it very much and we found it absolutely worthwhile.”

The University’s Outreach Programme outlined that “[t]he students learn[t] so much about what to expect when going to a university through this little booklet, since not many students from the communities are enrolled to provide this kind of knowledge through socialisation yet.”

The University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) requested orders for 2018 due to the positive outcome the guide brought about. “Our College at UKZN (Agriculture, Engineering and Science) would love to order 2500 copies of the 2018 edition of GRAD. Our students really benefitted from the 2017 edition.”

The University of the Witwatersrand expressed elation towards the booklet and has incorporated it as a vital item for their students when adapting to university life.

“The Development and Leadership Unit is responsible for the Orientation Week Programme for 2018 and we are excited to offer students a resource which they can utilise for successful integration to university life.”

University of Zululand: “Thank you for a rich, relevant and most useful publication!”

While not giving direct feedback, the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein renewed their order by return of post. Whereas, the University of Johannesburg immediately ordered 20,000 copies.

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