First-years Find UJ Fac Science Seminar Informative and Assuring

Orientation into varsity life can be difficult at times. Hence, the Faculty of Science at UJ held its First Year Seminar (FYS) on Thursday to take students through the different expectations of each course within the Faculty and on how one can handle university life in general.

Afterwards, The Open Journal went about asking those first-year students who attended the seminar: “What have they obtained from it?”

Rakoma Mamoshabe (19), a student in Mathematical Science, said that the seminar has made her sure about the course she has chosen to study. “I was overwhelmed at first, meeting people made it all better. I feel that I’m really in the right course after the presentation.”

Nkosinathi Msiza (19), a student in Computer Sciences and Informatics, had this to say: “At first, it was good. Being in varsity is a good life and different from high school. For most of us, we are free to do what we like; but at the end of the day, one needs to have self -control”.

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Pule Kgololo (19), a student in Mathematical Science, went as far as promising himself that he will burn the required hours in the library. “The presentation was really good and made me feel ready for varsity life. I’ll tackle my course’s challenges by spending most of my time in the library researching more about the course, since today’s presentation gave me basics and the background of the course.”

Marinette Oupain (18), a student in Life and Environmental Science, said: “The seminar was very informative for the rest of university life. The various aspects of the course that were given to us were very important and will help me a lot.”

Craig Kanbanga (19), a student in Mathematical Science, said: “I was scared, now I feel informed and kind updated about what really goes on here.”

It is noticeable that while some gained an insight of the courses they will be studying, others even made academic promises to themselves after attending the seminar.

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