Socks And Scarfs Are Not The Only Gifts In Any Store

Receiving socks and scarfs as gifts can become tedious and boring, which might result to The Open Journal writing a how-to-fake a smile article when you get a lame gift.

Everybody loves to be appreciated, especially on significant days such as birthdays and anniversaries. Finding the perfect gift should not be a nightmare. Here are tips on making it an amazing adventure.

Necessity is the mother of all gift giving.

It is easier to find the perfect gift if you know what the receiver wants, knowing does not mean asking that person 20 questions to figure it out, simply go to the mall and see what they set and glue their eyes on.

A proactive girlfriend tried this and it put a smile on Bandile Sibanda’s face: “I loved the headphones my girlfriend bought me because my old ones were broken,” said the 23-year-old.

If you buy him something he needs, it will show him that you pay attention to his needs and there is no doubt that he will appreciate it.

Create it instead of buying it.

There is no need to break the bank balance. A sweet long message with a good background such as her picture outlining your feelings and hopes for her will score you brownie points.

Nothing says love like the time taken to craft a masterpiece. Sweet and tender words from the heart express one’s deepest emotions, which is nothing that money can buy. A simple frame will add a fancy feel and all these can cost under R50.

Make it a week and not just a day.

Seven days of love are enough to make any girl or guy feel special. Delivering 7 mysterious envelopes with a short message and a nice treat at their doorstep will leave them wanting more.

The trick is to remain mysterious till the last day. The idea of a secret admirer can be creepy but also thoughtful. They will want to know who they are from and will also look forward to the next.

Some of the items to help you make a memorable gift for him or her. Photo by Valerie Mncube.

Let her find her own gift.

Scavenger hunts are not only for children. Hiding gifts and leaving clues all around the house can be intriguing. It brings a creative element to a special day instead of the tired routine of handing her the gift and muttering the “happy anniversary honey” national anthem.

Men love to be taken out too.

Why not treat him to a date? If you have a goal on your couple’s bucket list that you have been reluctant to try, now is the perfect time. Jumping off Orlando Towers in Soweto can be thrilling and will mean a lot to him if he has always wanted to do it with you.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

A home made three course meal is something worth trying. There is no need to be fancy. Roasted nuts would be a great starter and his favorite food could be the main course. A chocolate cake could be the dessert. You do not need to be a master chef. Ready mix would be a great alternative if you are clueless about baking.

A perfect gift is not the most expensive, but one given with love does not have to be tangible as memories do also serve as an amazing gift to all the people involved. Above all, it is the thought that counts.

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