A hot-dog takeaway meal, sold from one of the Student Centre’s stores, consisting of a cooked sausage, lettuce (not visible) and fresh sliced tomatoes placed in a partially sliced bun coupled by deep-fried chips. Photo by: Ntozanele Libimbi.

No To Enterprise

Although the Minister of Health, Arron Motsoaledi, announced on the 4th of March 2018 that traces of the foodborne disease, Listeriosis, have been recently discovered in Enterprise and Rainbow Chicken factories situated in Limpopo, several food outlets at the Student Centre in UJ continue to sell goods that include products produced by such brands.

Despite the fact that not all of the companies manufacturing products such as russian, vienna, ham and bacon have listeria in their factories, a number of UJ students are still sceptical of purchasing food from their favourite food outlets.

Asisipho Ntsabo, said, “I now have to spend more money on buying food instead of buying a bunny chow like I usually do as I buy from Kota Joe. I know they do not get their stock from Enterprise, but I will not go buy from them.”

The outbreak did not only strike fear in some of the students; it has also affected some of the food outlets at one of the University’s food hub.

Veronica De Canha, Zamies co-owner, said, “I have been selling here for more than ten years and we use a different supplier. The business has been struggling financially but the announcement contributed to the decrease of our sales.”

English Sanwich - NtL
Examples of English sandwiches sold to students at the institution’s Student Centre. Photo by: Ntozanele Libimbi.

On the other hand, other food outlets have not been financially affected by the announcement as they purchase their processed meat from a different supplier, rather than from Enterprise or Rainbow Chicken.

“All of the shops here get their stock from the same supplier. We do assure our students that we don’t purchase from Enterprise and students have been loyal to us as we haven’t faced any financial downturn due to the announcement,” Said Michael Masombuka from Supermarket Center.

Kota Joe manager, Mike Majiki who provided proof that he only purchases his processed meat produce from Meat Mania, states that students have access to see the receipt from Meat Mania whenever students feel sceptical as the food outlet has received questions about its supplier.

In the midst of warnings from the National Health Department for people to stay clear of cold meats, some of the institution’s students are having none of it.

Nkosana Manana, a first-year education student who had purchased a vienna roll at that time, told The Open Journal:

“I have not seen anyone sick with it or heard rumours that a UJ student died from Listeriosis, so I’m not worried by it. If I’m going to get sick, then there is no way for me to prevent as my hunger for food is bigger than my fear of listeriosis.”

For additional information on the disease visit: https://twitter.com/GovernmentZA/status/971008931970641920

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