The ground-breaking film has inspired black people around the world. Photo sourced from

Black Panther is A Ground-Breaking Piece of Art

With a predominantly black cast and creative team beside him, Ryan Coogler was able to prove that a film can subvert expectations and make a statement while still being fun and entertaining.

Coogler’s Black Panther has been the best received Marvel film in recent years. Perhaps even more exciting is the film’s massive popularity on the African continent. Black Panther has inspired black people from around the globe to embrace their African heritage.

The film has done well financially, breaking sales records in several African countries. Despite this, Black Panther is still an American film owned by one of the world’s biggest media companies whose white owners are going to profit on black pride on a much larger scale than ever before.

The ground-breaking nature of the film has not detracted from how impressive it is as a piece of art.

The film boasts a narrative that is novel for the marvel cinematic universe and has a distinctive and less comedic style which allows it to be very fulfilling while still having the excitement of a superhero film. The film’s soundtrack and musical score is also spectacular (you won’t be able to sit still).

Interestingly the screenwriting tool of a double reversal was used in the final act of the film when the Black Panther chose correcting his past mistakes over saving the world, a very satisfying and inspiring ending.

With a budget similar to The Dark Knight Rises the film has woven together an ensemble cast including Michael B Jordan, Lupita N’yongo, Forest Whitaker, Daniel Kaluuya Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis and Chadwick Boseman as the titular feline.

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