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IT’s a Really Scary Movie

IT is a brilliant adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel, it is a children’s story about friendship, facing your deepest fears and standing up for yourself. It is also scary, very scary, sitting-on-the-edge-of-a chair-and-looking-around-the-room-for-the-monster scary.

Set in a small town, the film follows a group of young misfits who band together to defeat the creature that is responsible for the disappearance of some of the town’s children.

The children form close bonds which are threatened while trying to uncover the mystery. As the only female member of the group, Beverly Marsh (played by Sophia Lillis) faces her own unique struggle. Lillis brings these issues to the fore by delivering a captivating performance.

Bill Skarsgård did an excellent job as Pennywise the clown. The performance was very unsettling to watch (his maniacal laugh will send shivers down your spine).

The most memorable aspect of the film is how the theme of child abuse is carefully woven into the story. The children use their battle with the main enemy in the film (fear) to deal with the different kinds of abuse in their own lives – which is positive. This is the kind of feeling you don’t expect to have 2 hours after watching a horror film.

The film’s plot is a mix between the horror, coming of age and mystery genres. This blend of genres makes it seem less like a formulaic horror film and that is why it has been so well received.

IT uses material from both the book and its 90’s predecessor while still offering something special to the audience. With this film in his portfolio, Andy Muschietti can now consider himself to be part of the top tier of horror film directors.

The film may be set in the 90’s but the graphics are incredible and the words “you’ll float too” will definitely be stuck in your head after you watch the movie.

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