An all-female team goes on a dangerous expedition into the shimmer. Photo sourced from

Women Take the Lead in Annihilation

After his Debut Feature Film, Ex Machina, received critical acclaim and achieved cult status, fans the world over have been waiting with much anticipation for Alex Garland’s directorial follow up – Annihilation.

Oscar winner Natalie Portman plays Lena, a biologist whose husband lapses into a coma when he returns from a mission in a place known as “the shimmer.” Doctors are unable to help Lena’s husband (Kane played by Oscar Isaac) because the cause of his condition is unknown.

Lena joins an all-female team of military scientists on a dangerous expedition into “the shimmer” to understand and possibly reverse what has happened to her husband.

The film is a thriller sci-fi similar to 1979’s Alien but it looks nothing like that kind of scary film you’re used to. It features beautiful vivid imagery alongside some enthralling sci-fi and moments of action.

What is most striking about the film is how well it creates anticipation for the eventual reveal, the visual splendour of the film and the much unexpected scary parts of the film.

Garland outdoes himself by reversing gender roles without creating flat or unrealistic characters. Fans of Ex Machina will enjoy this film that defies generic categorisation but still seems to fit into our narrative expectations.

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