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Pacific Rim’s Sequel is So Good You Will Get Caught Up in the “Uprising”

Pacific Rim: Uprising, the long-awaited sequel to the 2013 film Pacific Rim is a futuristic action movie which does not fall short of expectations.

A great storyline and unexpected surprises set the wheel of intrigue in motion. After the end of the war against the Kaiju (Godzilla-like monsters) that claimed the life of father and hero, General Pentecost, the General’s son Jake Pentecost finds himself struggling, trading valuable items for food.

A run-in with a genius girl who created her own Jaeger (giant fighting robot designed to fight the Kaiju) gets both characters arrested. To avoid jail time, Jake, played by John Boyega, is forced to return to the Jaeger programme to train new recruits. But this time the Kaiju will not be the only threat he faces.

The team fights the Kaiju in an epic battle to restore the balance in the universe. The film has the Marvel superhero effect (Lacant mirror phase) where the viewer is bound to feel like one of the heroes after watching it.

The soundtrack is just as fantastic with Wizkids’s Wizzy Boy as the first song to feature in the movie, making you feel like you are at the club with some dancehall playing in the background.

Boyega delivers a wonderful performance as the son of the fallen Pentecost hero, showing the audience a mixture of strength and softness in his emotions. Boyega also explores his comedic side adding humour to some of the more light-hearted parts of the film.

The action-flick may be set in the future, but certain values and attitudes are creatively integrated into the story making it feel less foreign to present-day audiences.

The graphics are spectacular. The damage caused to the city by the Kaiju looks like how it would if the world was actually attacked by these beasts.

The film’s trailer is not so convincing, but this movie definitely deserves a thumbs-up. It avoids the clichéd romantic angle which makes it a refreshing take on the action genre. When the movie ends you may be left wondering if there’ll be a third installment to look forward to.

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