Find the Glimmer of Light in the Darkness.

University can be a very daunting and overwhelming place especially for first year students who are to face enormous freedom for the first time in tertiary.

However, there is PsyCaD for those in need of someone to talk to—remember human beings are social beings and talking is therapeutic on its very nature.

UJ’s well established PsyCaD offers such guidance when days are dark for the students. Or perhaps, when the course hunts its prey (students) and cause serious emotional murder and bewilderment.

For some students, it’s hard to break their shell and almost becomes impossible to open their hearts to the qualified Therapists from the PsyCaD offices.

So, does that mean it’s done and dusted with them? Hell no, there’s plan B. There are some motivational novels that can uplift and revive your spirit. A classical exemplary novel is JUMP by Steve Harvey.

The novel is a therapist on its own for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It teaches you to accept failure as an experience, not as a mistake. It urges you to “take the leap of faith to achieve your life of abundance”.                                                                   

It helps you to fathom in a cinematic manner as to why life can sometimes become a nightmare. You will face obstacles as you step out of your comfort zone but this should not inhibit you from pursing your goals.

During your academic period, an ideal mechanism to keep going is by considering yourself not as strictly a student, but a qualified candidate of the qualification in pursuit—this is regarded as the best way to relate and understand what you are studying.

After all, universities are academically challenging, and for that matter who said a varsity is a smooth sailing? Be strong and never let go, change the attitude of “I hope” into “I have faith”.

“The low points in your life are as necessary for you as the high points. The mistake that too many people make is allowing those tough times to keep them in one place,” says Steve Harvey in the JUMP novel.

Most of students, if not practically all, came to the university with a purpose, a goal to pursue and a dream to achieve in the long run. So, would you allow hindrances to hold you back from accomplishing the mission you came for in a varsity?

When a relationship is over, lick your wounds and keep going.

A failed relationship can be a burden off your shoulder.

“Sometimes the best deal is to let someone else take that ‘used car’ off your hands—the one that’s broken, don’t work right, stalls out, runs hot, got no brakes, sputters, has cracked tail lights and a blown engine! Maybe it wasn’t the right relationship for you,” JUMP.

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