Avengers Infinity War sees Marvel's best superheroes joining forces to defeat Thanos. Photo sourced from Polygon.com

Avengers Infinity War defies the Norms of a Marvel Movie

Avengers Infinity War easily passes as Marvel’s most intense and exciting film to date.  It features superheroes that we’ve all come to grow fond of over the years; heroes who have single-handedly  – and collaboratively – saved the world from many different villainous threats. Now, all of these heroes join forces to fight Thanos – a supervillain who plans to possess great power through the six Infinity stones, which feature prominently throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The story begins with Thanos hunting for the Infinity stones, which are guarded by the Avengers. Together, the stones can grant Thanos the ability to wipe out half the universe with a snap of his fingers – among other things. Upon realising this, the Avengers team up to stop Thanos from getting all six stones.

An amazing cast portrays the team of heroes whose egos clash, but their common goal of defeating Thanos outweighs their differences. Fans can expect to see heroes saving heroes, a lot of sacrifice, and an awe-inspiring ending (the studio proved they haven’t run out of ideas).

In true Marvel fashion, there is a lot of wit. This is basically Marvel’s way of showing that regardless of their outward appearance, the heroes know when to add a joke here and there to keep the audience entertained.

The film is worth watching in 3D as the graphics are nothing short of amazing.

As the saying goes: “you may have won the battle but you haven’t won the war”. On that note, the ending will have you questioning whether you were watching the battle, or the war. More so, without giving too much away, the ending also reminds us that even superheroes are capable of having a bad day.

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