#MyStudentSociety: The Zimbabwe Student Society

#MyStudentSociety is a news series by The Open Journal which focuses on the various student societies that exist in universities across South Africa. This section hopes to inform students about these societies; encouraging students to join a society that is suitable for them, leading to a better varsity experience.

Today’s edition of #MyStudentSociety focuses on the Zimbabwe Student Society (ZimSSoc), a diverse society created by Zimbabwean students, but is also open for students of other nationalities as well. Chairperson of the ZimSSoc Council Anoziva Gumbie explained to The Open Journal everything there is to know about the Society.

What is the Zimbabwe Student Society?

The Zimbabwe Student Society is for all Zimbabweans in various universities around the country, making them feel at home away from home. Before, the Society operated in isolation, but now we want to bring all nationalities together and we’re starting with the Gauteng province.

When was it formed?

The Society was first formed at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2005, and then at the University of Johannesburg in 2007.

What does the Society do?

What the Society does is it tries to integrate Zimbabweans and other nationalities, preventing the creation of a minority. The Society creates programs for Zimbabweans and other nationalities as well.

At UJ, we do community engagement, this is something we would like our students to do regularly. Students get to meet with each other and that helps the Society. If a someone is a member, they have also have access to the Embassy. If a member loses their passport, then we can get them the papers and make the process much easier.

Students love their parties so we do have independent celebrations. We [recently] had an Independence celebration. Another thing that students really look forward to is the International festival at UJ. The Society is the one which administers that in terms of who’s going to participate and what theme we’re going to handle – that’s the mandate of the Society.

The Society also has a soccer team, its actually under the UJ Football League. The biggest part of that is the Society joining together in recreational activities.We also have a partnership with UJ Gym. If you’re a member at Doornfontein or Soweto campus you pay half price for gym.

We also do other community engagement programs, like this year we’re going to giveaway sanitary pads. We’ve also collected books that we’re going to giveaway as well.

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Where can I join the Zimbabwe Student Society?

The Society currently exists in UJ, Wits, Monash University and the Pearson Institute of Higher Education.

For more information on the ZimSSoc, click here to go to their Facebook page, or follow their Instagram page @UJ_ZIMSSOC.

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