A spinach and panini sandwich coupling a bowl of spinach and two coasters. Photo by: Gaby Ndongo.

[TOJ’S RECIPES] Spinach and Panini Sandwich

At first, myself and my brothers surely thought of it as an experiment. But with the success of such a unique mix, we then found out that it was a quick and facile sandwich to make for one to pacify the turbulence in his stomach.   

Here is how you can make yours.


  • A handful of branched spinach
  • ½ *tsp salt
  • 1 onion
  • 2 *tbsp oil
  • ½ tsp spice of your choice
  • 8 paninis
  • Margarine spread

Serves: 8

Preparation: 20 *min

Cooking: 25-35 min


  • Wash your spinach and then slice it into long strips
  • Dice your onion in square shapes
  • Put the spinach into a pot, and then add water, salt, oil, spice of your choice and the diced onion
  • Let it boil for 25-30 min
  • After the 25-30 min, taste whether the mix has enough salt
  • If it does not, add some and then let boil for an additional 5 minutes
  • In the meantime, get your paninis ready
  • Cut those paninis from the side
  • Apply margarine on the bottom half
  • Add the cooked spinach to the paninis

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Note that . . .

If you want to, you may also add some meat alongside your simple, green spinach to spice up the phenomenon.

*tbsp: tablespoon

*tsp: teaspoon

*min: minute/s

(Image courtesy to Gaby Ndongo; Writing by Gaby Ndongo: gabyndongo@outlook.com, +27 7 524 6053; Editing by Amber Richardson: richardsonamber97@gmail.com)

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