The Most Violent War of Stones: Wits FeesMustFall

Magnificent Mndebele & Onthatile Kgoadigoadi

Today at Wits, the FeesMustFall Movement began as a peaceful demonstration, within a thrown stone distance the movement energised rapidly resulting in a war of stone between the University security guards and students.

The violence began on their return from the campus in Park Town when students were denied access to the Great Hall by the assigned campus security guards.

From there, the Great Hall entrance became a catastrophic war zone. When students forcefully pushed security guards to gain access into the hall, emotions went spiral and led to throwing of stones being reciprocal between the guards and students.

It was a war which was hard to end, only the police tried desperately to ease it when tear gas was used to disperse the masses of students, leaving two students hospitalised. But even then, the war still went rampant until the doors of the Great Hall were broken and the security guards surrendered.

The situation was chaotic in a manner that journalists were stoned and declined to film the war as their live video cables were removed from their cameras.

The police urged the students to surrender as well, as the security guards had already surrendered.

Broken Doors at the Great Hall

Ultimately, the students were granted access to the Great Hall where the SRC committee addressed the students, the media were denied  to film.

Later, the SRC committee addressed various media entities about their plan of action for tomorrow. However, they were reluctant to disclose much of details as they say “the enemy will then learn our strategy”.

“Our core demand is simple; it is free education. Last year the movement was about free education and it is shocking that even this year we are still fighting for the same thing,” said Kefentse Mphari, incoming SRC President at Wits.

Mphari further said that the Minister of Education, Blade Nzimande is not listening to their call which is why they further went on to demonstrate today.






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  1. No..this is sad..i understand that we are fighting for fees must fall but it shouldn’t be this way.

  2. “A war of stones”. During the past few days I was listening to the comments from student from other universities expressing their view about the Wits fees must fall and to my surprise, they viewed this as some sort of a game or a way to dismiss the idea of school. Wits reminds me dearly of the stories of 1976, the war was not the same but it has some things in common and for this reason, one day, a black child will not be denied the freedom to education, the freedom that these fee increments are denying. Please let us not talk about Nsfas!!!

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