A UJ Student Who’s Designed Headwraps For The Likes of Boity and Chazz le Hippie.

A second-year Film and Television student at UJ – who is the founder of a custom-made head wrap company, Kah Creations – has personally dressed celebrities like Boitumelo Thulo (Boity) and crowned the e-TV Hip Hop presenter, Charmaine Motlhabi also known as Chazz le Hippie.


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Mulekah Kabongo will definitely have your mind wrapped around her designs.  This proudly born Congolese, the daughter of the Muluba tribe, started Kah Creations in April 2017.

“What makes Kah Creations so different from other head wrap companies is the outstanding and avant-garde designs and form that the head wrap takes shape in,” she said. “A head wrap adds a dignified look to a person in the way people carry themselves and all I see is a cultural conscious being, as soon as I see someone in a head wrap.”

Her favourite part of being a designer is the priceless moment she captures as soon as her clients collect their head wraps.

Her most proud creation was for Nixonthemix, a food-blogger. “Whenever I look at that, I am proud of myself; it’s the best piece thus far.” Currently, she is working on a piece for Nomzamo Mbatha, a South African actress. The piece is expected to come out this coming December.

Kabongo got the inspiration to start her company after she attended a wedding that encouraged the audiences to dress according to their traditions.

An interesting fact about her headwraps is the creative process that takes place when the head wraps are tailor-made to fit the standards of the customer.

Mulekah listens to the customer attentively before creating the piece which she describes as the perfect fit because “it’s easy to put on, it’s like a hat”.

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Mulekah is multi-talented: she defines herself as a creative being, which is the reason why she’s currently studying Film & Television instead of fashion design.

According to Mulekah, fashion should be about breaking boundaries and getting rid of the stigmas that have been widely naturalised by the majority in society. She also designs head wraps for men that make a man look elegant and respectable.

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To her, every fashion designer should be a visionary. However, it has not been as rosy as she has faced her own share of criticism. “One person said my head wraps look like something the Ku Klux Klan would wear. I don’t think they understood what they said but it was said.”

In the meantime, her company hasn’t yet been registered as she is Congolese. What noticeably prevents her from registering the company are policies imposed on foreigners when registering a company in SA.

Despite the challenges, she continues to order material in bulk from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to create the head wraps. Her selling rates start from R260,00 and the most expensive tailor-made head wrap is R700,00.

All images used are supplied by Kah Creations.

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