About Us

The Open Journal is a news site that “champions authentic storytelling” free from the commercial pressures that often plague the news media.

Upon realising that no such platform was made available to them, a group of journalism students from the University of Johannesburg (UJ) got together and decided to create their own news site and The Open Journal was born.

Training and skills development is at the heart of our organisation and so The Open Journal  functions as a training platform for journalism students at UJ.

Days later they had their very first newsroom experience, writing news reports and feature articles about the International Festival at the University of Johannesburg. Since we’ve gained many contributors, many of whom are journalism students,  and we are still steering the ship with tonnes of passion and creativity.

Our site caters to all members of the society but particularly South African youth and the student population at UJ. We shine the spotlight on all the stories that are often overlooked and under-documented by the mainstream media. The Open Journal takes every story seriously because we believe that everyone has a story to tell.

The Open Journal offers more than just the usual 5Ws and an H, providing content that is exclusively rich with information and character. When telling stories, our reporters strive for objectivity, accuracy, insightfulness and creativity.

We write news on a variety of topics that include politics, business, entertainment and sports. Occasionally our journalists write opinion pieces on topical issues and commit themselves to ensuring that these articles are well researched and not inflammatory.  We also give ordinary people a platform to have their voice heard through the Word on The Street section of our news site.


We’re active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We upload some of our content on our YouTube channel – The Open Journal TV. Subscribe to our channel to watch all of our interviews and news clips.


Please email us any queries, suggestions and story ideas you want us to follow up on. We allow our readers to publish their work on our site, so if you have a story you want us to publish email it to us and we’ll take a look at it. Please note that any and all work sent to us has to meet journalistic standards.

Email address: theojnews@gmail.com